Saturday, 1 November 2014


Since retired starting from 2nd of January, I feel like time passes by so fast. Now its coming to the end of the year already and look at me.. 
I was thinking I would be able to posts a lot of stories in my blog and seems like it does not happen that way. It is quite frustrating actually. Nevertheless there are things that I have achieved and of course a lot more that I need to accomplished.
Things that I managed to do:
  • going out and catch up with friends old and new
  • meeting up with new people for my business
  • taking care of my husband ( being hospitalized 3 times this year itself)
  • more cooking is done
  • jang da yeon exercises ( though not really consistent)
  • clearing up my cupboard
  • give away my old yet still new clothes since I do not need them anymore
  • spring clean my store room which I have kept postponing
  • enjoy my breakfast at the time other people going to work
  • more time for reading, facebook and online 
  • feeling not guilty for watching Korean Dramas
  • going shopping
  • holiday with my husband to Langkawi and Chiang Mai
  • khatam Al Quran
  • and many more little things...

Things which I have yet to..but will accomplish:
  • move to a higher level in my business
  • start writing my own stories
  • reduce weight
  • finish reading a book
  • starting my cooking class
  • create a new hobby
  • attending any religious class
  • learn a new language (Arabic)
  • finish my tafsir Al Quran
  • doing voluntary/ charity work

Well.. looking at the list, there are slightly more that I have done than those that I haven't. Not bad actually. But I really wished that I could do more meaningful activities not only for myself but rather  more for other people around me. Most importantly I am grateful to God for giving me  good health and the opportunity to pursue things which I enjoy doing since my retirement. Only exception is that I pray to Allah again and again so that He showers his mercy upon us by letting my husband to recover from his illness. I want us to be healthy and happy so that we will be able to share and do more things together. I am most certain, Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful will never let me down. He knows what is best  for me. Only thing which I need to do is to focus on what I am supposed to achieve and Allah is always there to guide me.  Amazingly, no matter what and how the situation is, I know He is there with me and He loves me...

Saturday, 22 February 2014


 Are you living your life or merely existing in this world? Lately I have been asking this question to myself.
What have I accomplished? What have I contributed to the humanity of this world? Beginning of this year, my eldest son insisted that both my husband and I should go and watch this movie by Ben Stiller The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was really an eye opener to me. Life is indeed an adventure if you really want it to be. As our life is filled with various mundane obligations, we have failed to have sense of purpose in life. The motto of LIFE magazine captured my attention because it appeared regularly in this movie: "To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life" It makes me  think again what the  purpose in my life is. I should hold on to it tightly and let my purpose in life lead me on an adventure. For life  is "amazing, worthwhile and magical in its own way" God must have created us for a purpose. There must be a reason why we are here in this world. Revisit our purpose. Articulate it, own it and let it guide us to an adventure. Yet, while engaging opportunities and pursue purpose, never forget to submit everything to Allah. At the same time, enjoy the journey, pause to look around us, be aware of the people surrounding us, hear the birds singing or stop to smell the flowers too. Hmm... Life is so great!

Monday, 20 January 2014


Why now do I want to start a blog? 

  • it has been my dream to become a writer though I do not know exactly how to become one or rather how to start. So, this could be a good practice.
  • i have just retired so I want to keep my mind busy ( people say your brain starts shrinking if you don't start thinking)
  • I want to share my life experiences, sweet and sour, the spices of my life..
I was a teacher. I started my career way back in 1982. Many many years ago, I met a parent, my ex student's mother. She was a famous  lyrics's writer. I talked to her about how much I would like to pursue my  interest in writing. And she told me "Go ahead .You can do it"! But.. nothing happened and the years passed by.
Then, sometimes in early 2000, my friend Anne, another teacher took an early retirement at the age of 40. I asked her the reason why she wanted to opt. She told me she wanted to venture into new things. She wanted to become a performing artist! I thought it was very brave of her. Next she related to me another story of how her friend quit her job as a teacher to become a chef. I admired Anne for having the certainty and courage to make a change in her life. Again, I told her that I actually wanted so much to become a writer. She continued with these encouraging words " Its never too late.  Pursue your dreams!". But then.. nothing happened and the years just passed by.
Last year, 2013.. a question popped out from my youngest son. " Ma, what is your dream?"
Without hesitation, I answered " I want to be a writer!".
By the year end before my retirement day, he reminded me of my dream again. He said now that I am going to retire, I have to pursue my dream. Every now and then, he keeps pestering me to make a move in realising my dream. 
Now my dearest son, because of your persistence and believe in me, I have decided to do something about my dream which I had put it on hold for a long, long time. You just watch it. Your Mama is going to tap on the keyboard non stop as from now. Don't be angry if I don't cook your dinner okay?
Never mind about the destination but to me the journey is more important...